Wow, I really disappeared for awhile....

So, ummmm.... I'm sorry... but, life got distracting... what with classes, papers, picking out housing for next year, signing up for classes, trying to have an actual social life, and being a cool Aunt....

So first of all, I rocked my classes this past week, a 94 on my Sociology test, a 92 on my Anthropology test, a 11/12 on my government project, and a 21/20 on my Ethics paper (which I wrote at 3a.m.)

Plus, my absolute best friend since I was 5 came down to visit me over her Spring Break. AND she got into NYU Tisch for next year WITH an acting scholarship!! (How freaking awesome is that?) We had a blast, she said she can't wait for college.

I got an apartment with my two friends down here and one girl we were randomly assigned (but she looks pretty nice) so I will be able to cook next semester (YAY!) no more mass produced food!!

And I signed up for classes, no Friday classes, no Monday or Wednesday classes until 3p.m. plus Tuesday and Thursday classes don't start til 9am, which isn't too late...

Plus, I went to my first club ever and had a good time! I'm going to my first Frat party on Friday or Saturday, wish me luck!!

Also, I have the worlds cutest nieces, check 'em out...

My nephew is pretty adorable too... Same with the big sister... And how cute are my big brother, my mommy, and me?
(Correct answer, "Super cute!")

So, I promise not to be away for so long.... I've got some catch-up to do on my favorite blogs, which I will do this week, I swear!!

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