Puppy Love

Colt was born 4 years and one day after me. We got him when he was 8 weeks old and he was a tiny golden puff ball. I wanted to name him Catfish, my dad wanted to name him after the old Baltimore Colts. My dad won. Colt was my best friend. We shared naps, a bed, and occasionally a bathtub... Colt was the sweetest thing on the face of the planet, about 98% of the time. He did have a liking for fine Italian leather, mainly in the form of boots, and one time he tore our porch couch to shreds after being left there for an afternoon. He did also have a tendency to walk away, not run, walk. We would be driving down the street and would see a dog that looked a lot like Colt and then notice the dog had 15 feet of lead and a stake that was supposed to be in the ground attached to him... He also enjoyed visiting my big sister at the pool and going for a dip.
Though he was a little naughty he was much more good. He walked the neighborhood kids to school, first the high school kids and then the elementary school ones. He watched over the many gerbils we have had over the years. And though he wouldn't speak to us for a week after we got Wondermutt he eventually taught him to be a good boy and showed him the ropes on how to beg for people food.
My mom and I had to put Colt to sleep today. He was 14, deaf, and had a bad leg. It wasn't fair to keep him alive just because it was hard for me to deal with. He was completely spoiled today. My mom was carving turkeys for a New Years day party and he got more then his fair share. On the drive up to the vet he hung his head out the window like he did as a puppy. Putting him to sleep was incredibly peaceful for Colt. Saying goodbye was hard but the right thing. I've cried more in the past week then in the rest of my life but I had a friend say something that has helped, "if the death of your dog doesn't drive you to tears I don't want to be your friend." Colters is at peace now, up in heaven. Hes running around with my Grandmas dog Sparky and my cousins dog Madison. It was the right thing to do, but it realllly sucked.
I know it has nothing to do with shopping or preppy-ness but I needed to write it. Though, it should be noted that Colt's collar is lime green with hot pink flamingos... He is a stylish boy.


My Life is Complete.... at least for the moment

Pardon my teenager moment... I got the most amazing news on Friday... So this semester I was attending CCBC also known as the local community college (I was taking difficult courses, English 101 Honors, Intro to Philosophy, U.S. History part 1, and Art Appreciation) So, I got my grades in:
English: A, Philosophy: A, U.S. History:B. Art Appreciation: C (I didn't turn in a paper.) That adds up to a GPA of 3.25!!! Which I am pretty proud of, I am fairly intelligent but I have a tendency to get bored and not turn in homework. Thats why I <3 college, no busy work! So I got my grades around 11:30 on Friday and I emailed them to my admissions officer at George Mason University and at 12:30 I got this email back, "Although I'm not impressed with a C in Art Appreciation, I am offering an early holiday present. You've been admitted for spring and your admission letter will mail on Monday."
I was at my internship in VA at this time. Its a law internship at the law office where my middle sister works. To sume up I screamed when I read the email, cried in front of the managing attorney while he was eating his lunch, went into my sisters office and opened my e-mail account and had her read the email without telling her anything about it, she got excited and I got even more excited! I called my mommy and my bestest friend and my friend who goes to GMU. I am over the moon at the moment. Plus, Santa apparently is getting my a George Mason t-shirt for Christmas!!
I now have to start my dorm shopping! Luckily my mom saved my older siblings dorm stuff in our attic so I have a travel iron, bed pad, and other boring stuff. I am, however, getting the fun stuff, sheets, pillows, posters, lamps, etc, etc... Any suggestions from those just out of college, in collegem or a more then a couple years out of college are welcome.What is needed, what is fun to have, and what is a waste of money? The only thing I am concerned about is bringing too much clothing, but I am on a academic team that requires buisness suits, heels, stockings, etc. (I know... I am a dork) Luckily, GMU is only 1.5 hours from home and like 15min away from my sister (not that she has clothing storage space... but she does have home cooked food :) ) So, my whole wardrobe won't be too far away. Well, any advice is welcome...
Happy Holidays to all whether its Christmas, Hannukah, or Festivus. And GO PATRIOTS!! Ciao for now!


A Birthday Party with a Stripper

Yup, that was my night. It should be mentioned that my 5yr old niece was the stripper.... she isn't so much a fan of clothing and she is a huge fan of showing all of us her booty...
It was my step-dad's birthday dinner thing tonight. My mom made lasagna and Glenn made his own birthday cake; which was surprisingly good (it was from a box.) So we start of by decorating the tree which goes well and then we eat dinner and do the whole cake thing. Anna then decides she wants to finish decorating the cake which means she needs to wash her hands. This leads to her going to the potty. As she comes down the stairs my sister goes "Anna, you need to pull up your pants." Lo and behold my niece is walking around with her pants around her knees, booty is full view. I laugh as does her brother and my mom. This, of course, only encourages her, so she takes the pants all the way off and bends over and moons us... priceless. She stays naked for a while showing us her but until she is threatened with no visit from Santa and re-clothes herself.
Later on in the evening I asked Anna what she wanted for Christmas, "a pony" Wendy then tells me the story of her visit to Santa: Anna asks for a pony. Santa says, "well a pony needs a barn to live" Anna replies,"I have a barn, at my pop-pop's house" Santa tries again "a pony needs lots of grass" Anna,"oh, there is a lot of grass at pop-pop's house. Santa tries for a third time, "A pony will need pastures to run around in" Anna "There are a ton of pastures at pop-pop's house" Santa has no answer... In her defense there is room for a pony and Glenn once had a horses. However, he is not open to the idea of having a pony which is breaking Anna's heart... I'm pretty sure by the time she is 10 there will be a horsey at Pop-pop's house.
After Anna asked for a pony and I said I can't get her a pony I asked what else do you want,"diamonds." Seriously, it must be encoded in our DNA to ask for diamonds because this girl is a tom-boy. She isn't into poofy dresses or playing dress up or doing makeup. It has to be genetic. After I turned down that idea she asked for "another Dog-dog." Dog-dog is her luvey, she has had it since she was a baby. It even has a real dog tag with its name on it, their phone number, and 'reward offered.' I am now on a mission to find another dog-dog. If that fails I'm getting her a 'make your own lip gloss kit.' Its pretty messy so I feel that will make up for the uber girlyness of it, plus I want to make my own lip gloss.
There were pictures taken tonight but Wendy didn't send them but I'll post them when she does. The girls were too cute.

P.S. Bonnie, the baby, had her first real experience with birthday cakes tonight and it was adorable. Anna and I were pulling the candles out of the cake and licking the icing off of the bottoms and Bonnie saw us doing it and she pulled a candle out and stuck the wick end in her mouth. Luckily it wasn't hot anymore, but it was absolutely priceless. A little sister mimicking a big sister, I'm sure my own big sister has plenty of stories about me mimicking her.

Well, I really should write the paper that is due tomorrow... Wish me luck!


I have Evolved Past Sleep

ok... This post has not point, except that it is quarter of 6 and I'm not tired. I simply cannot sleep this week. Seriously, in the whole week I have gotten maybe 25 hours of sleep total.... thats around 3.5 hours a night... My excuse has been that I have had term papers due all week and I am trying to study for finals.
I will ne so excited on Thursday next week when I take my last two finals, Art and Philsophy. My Art final is 50 questions with multiple choice and true/false... not studying for that so much. I am studying for my U.S. History final since I had an awful professor and have no idea what will be on the exam. Plus, I need to polish my final paper for English and finish my final project for English. (I did however get an A- on my last essay which made my pretty happy!!) The Philsophy final shouldn't be to bad given that it is open note; however, my professor has a tendency to phrase questions in a way that makes them difficult to answer. Plus, he doesn't believe in just having us repeat what he has said, so I don't think the open note will be all that helpful. In any event I cannot wait for next week to be over so I can really get excited for Christmas!
On another note, I HATE my bank. Seriously, I HATE them, I really, really do. Arrg... I have to call them in the morning and have a conversation with them and by conversation I really mean argument. They are charging me overdraft fees when I didn't overdraft myself. (I think I may ask them for a bailout... not sure how that will go over. Or I may say that since I am a tax paying citizen I gave them that loan and therefore I am their boss and I demand that they take away the bogus charges...) Most likely I will brush off my highschool debating skills (I am a nerd, I picked my dream college because of their debate team) and argue with them until I get my way...
In any event I gotta go my puppy is doing her 'puppy nightmare' crying so I must rescue her from the big mean vaccume cleaner... Ciao for now!