I have Evolved Past Sleep

ok... This post has not point, except that it is quarter of 6 and I'm not tired. I simply cannot sleep this week. Seriously, in the whole week I have gotten maybe 25 hours of sleep total.... thats around 3.5 hours a night... My excuse has been that I have had term papers due all week and I am trying to study for finals.
I will ne so excited on Thursday next week when I take my last two finals, Art and Philsophy. My Art final is 50 questions with multiple choice and true/false... not studying for that so much. I am studying for my U.S. History final since I had an awful professor and have no idea what will be on the exam. Plus, I need to polish my final paper for English and finish my final project for English. (I did however get an A- on my last essay which made my pretty happy!!) The Philsophy final shouldn't be to bad given that it is open note; however, my professor has a tendency to phrase questions in a way that makes them difficult to answer. Plus, he doesn't believe in just having us repeat what he has said, so I don't think the open note will be all that helpful. In any event I cannot wait for next week to be over so I can really get excited for Christmas!
On another note, I HATE my bank. Seriously, I HATE them, I really, really do. Arrg... I have to call them in the morning and have a conversation with them and by conversation I really mean argument. They are charging me overdraft fees when I didn't overdraft myself. (I think I may ask them for a bailout... not sure how that will go over. Or I may say that since I am a tax paying citizen I gave them that loan and therefore I am their boss and I demand that they take away the bogus charges...) Most likely I will brush off my highschool debating skills (I am a nerd, I picked my dream college because of their debate team) and argue with them until I get my way...
In any event I gotta go my puppy is doing her 'puppy nightmare' crying so I must rescue her from the big mean vaccume cleaner... Ciao for now!


Heather said...

well good job on all your tests. i do not miss being in school at all. just think, you only have like... 8 years left ;)

roxie sends her love to her cousin.

Kate said...

I am so glad I only have one more semester left-I cannot take any more tests! Good luck :)