Think, Research, and VOTE!!!!!

I can't believe I forgot to say this especially since I just wrote a post. As anyone who has met me for a mere second can tell you I am die hard into politics. This is the first election I get to vote in and I am super excited to exercise my duty as a citizen of this county. That's right its a duty. If you care about education, liberties, peace, our soldiers, you children, your grandma, gas prices, our environment, or you get out there and vote tomorrow!!! (if you did early voting thats cool too!) This election is so excited, we have two very different tickets running. Now I am very happy that in my first election I get to vote for someone I actually like rather then the lesser of two evils.

And if having a say in your government isn't incentive enough if you go into Starbucks tomorrow and tell them that you voted you get a FREE Starbucks coffee.

See you at the polls! Ciao for now!

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