Puppy Love

Colt was born 4 years and one day after me. We got him when he was 8 weeks old and he was a tiny golden puff ball. I wanted to name him Catfish, my dad wanted to name him after the old Baltimore Colts. My dad won. Colt was my best friend. We shared naps, a bed, and occasionally a bathtub... Colt was the sweetest thing on the face of the planet, about 98% of the time. He did have a liking for fine Italian leather, mainly in the form of boots, and one time he tore our porch couch to shreds after being left there for an afternoon. He did also have a tendency to walk away, not run, walk. We would be driving down the street and would see a dog that looked a lot like Colt and then notice the dog had 15 feet of lead and a stake that was supposed to be in the ground attached to him... He also enjoyed visiting my big sister at the pool and going for a dip.
Though he was a little naughty he was much more good. He walked the neighborhood kids to school, first the high school kids and then the elementary school ones. He watched over the many gerbils we have had over the years. And though he wouldn't speak to us for a week after we got Wondermutt he eventually taught him to be a good boy and showed him the ropes on how to beg for people food.
My mom and I had to put Colt to sleep today. He was 14, deaf, and had a bad leg. It wasn't fair to keep him alive just because it was hard for me to deal with. He was completely spoiled today. My mom was carving turkeys for a New Years day party and he got more then his fair share. On the drive up to the vet he hung his head out the window like he did as a puppy. Putting him to sleep was incredibly peaceful for Colt. Saying goodbye was hard but the right thing. I've cried more in the past week then in the rest of my life but I had a friend say something that has helped, "if the death of your dog doesn't drive you to tears I don't want to be your friend." Colters is at peace now, up in heaven. Hes running around with my Grandmas dog Sparky and my cousins dog Madison. It was the right thing to do, but it realllly sucked.
I know it has nothing to do with shopping or preppy-ness but I needed to write it. Though, it should be noted that Colt's collar is lime green with hot pink flamingos... He is a stylish boy.


Heather said...

don't forget all those times you would sneak out of the house when you were supposed to be napping, and colt would sit on the front steps and watch you since mom was clearly not doing an adequate job.

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

Sorry about your dog, my husband is still recovering (always a tear in his eye) from our dog dying 5 years ago. We have a new dog and three kids, but it is always a sad place in his heart. Hang in there.