Cool Classes Rock!

So last semester I went to a community college and had two very cool professors (one who made me want to minor in Philosophy) but this semester I am taking really really awesome classes.

Intro to Sociology: the professor is very funny though he can't seem to understand the microphone given to him since the class is in a huge lecture hall.

Ethics: the professor is a former Lincoln Douglass debater which makes me smile. He gets my jokes and references. Plus, hes really pretty. Also hes an amazing teacher, really engaging and very funny.

Intro to Cultural Anthropology: Shes crazy, absolutely crazy. I mean that is the nicest way possible. Its a huge lecture hall with close to 150 students and yet she doesn't use a mike... her voice is that loud. Plus, she rejects technology; she uses an old school white board. I sit in the back simply because I like the view and she walked back to where I was sitting and informed us that she was going to bring binoculars one day to class... she wouldn't tell us what day but she said to make sure we were always paying attention. If I didn't love government as much as I did she might be able to convince me to change my major...

Public Speaking: Because I really needed to get over my fear of speaking in front of people.... Its a required course, never mind the fact that I got accepted to the Speech Team here on campus. ehh... I guess its an easy A...

Democratic Theory and Practice: I saved the best for last!!! I LOVE the class and the professor. Hes awesome and Britsh. Very funny, very interesting, very awesome. He taught at Cambridge which makes me feel very smart... I am on page 20 of the textbook after about an hour of reading, I can't verbalize why the textbook is so hard for me to get through but it just is. It may be because it was written by British authors so I keep having to Wikipedia the references to Margaret Thatcher and other Prime Ministers....

Anyway, thats my class list and my schedule is pretty sweet (read: no 8am classes... or 9am classes... or 10am classes)
Oh, and I went to my first basketball game on Wednesday. Very fun, it feels awesome to sit in the student section at a school that is actually mine and not sitting in the student section when I was visiting my sister at her school (now shes going to comment with some sort of snippy comment, trust me, I loved going to UMD games with you... chill)

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