There is a Reason Why We Develop New Technology

So for all who work in retail: Were you surprised that when you walked into your store on Saturday that it looked like Christmas had thrown up in there? I was. I walked in at noon on Saturday and everything was red and green and Santa and Mrs. Claus and Elves and Angles and Toy Soldiers and I could go on and on. So in any event I change into our new uniform shirt (don't even get me started on the uniform.. its awful... it involves all white tennis shoes) and hop onto the floor. So the day is going totally normally we are pretty busy for a Saturday lots of kids coming in and freaking out over all the new stuff. Which is, admittedly, pretty cute to see. Well later on that afternoon I walk out of the backroom after grabbing more shopping bags to be greeted by my manager telling me the registers are down. At first I thought she meant the credit card sliders or maybe even the credit card service all together, things I have dealt with before normally very early in the morning. No she meant all registers. We had to do handwritten receipts and calculate prices on our own. Which is a little difficult when you work in a store that puts things on sale but doesn't update the prices on the tag only on the SKUs. It was an interesting couple of hours dealing with all of it.
Later that evening I went out to dinner with my mom and her fiance and while we were out we ran into my soon to be step-sister and her husband enjoying a night away from their delightful kids (one of whom is responsible for my cold) and I was explaining to them why I was so exhausted and Matt, who worked in retail as a teenager, told me "I want you to know that that was the way we always did receipts in my day, so no complaining." My response of course was, "There is a reason why we develop new technology."
Luckily Sunday, while we were insanely busy, ran smoothly as far as technology. Though it took us a solid hour and a half to put the store back together and we still had to leave an apology note to the manager opening. Ehhhh... guess the holiday season really is here...

P.S. I have to share the worlds cutest story. I was talking to a little girl who turned three on Saturday and asked her what she was for Halloween (Snow White) and her mom told me that she picked up the routine pretty quickly except after the getting the candy her parents would ask her "Now, what do you say?" The little girl's response was "More please!!" I think her parents were looking for a 'Thanks.' But at least she was being polite and coming out of the mouth of a three year old that would have been freaking cute!

Well I get my English mid-term paper back tonight so wish me luck! Ciao for now!


Anonymous said...

Oh lord, the 'new technology' thing...arrgghh! I love your line about it looking like Santa threw up!

The little trick or treater story is sweet.


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