A Day with my Nieces

So today my day was a little out of the ordinary. Rather then sleeping in, catching up on school work, going to the mall, or *gasp* maybe even going to my internship I spent the day with my nieces. Anna is 5 and Bonnie is 20months. My soon to be step-sister is in Ireland (lucky) hanging out and possible running the Dublin Marathon.
When I got to their house this morning Anna was moving very slowly which was driving her father insane. Well to make a long story short it all came to a head when she was told her hair needed to be brushed. She was not a happy camper her list of excuses was extensive, "you're pulling, my hair is too short to brush, I brushed it yesterday, and (the best on of all) my mommy doesn't make me brush my hair" In all honesty the only way it got better is when I had to switch to the pink dolls brush after misplacing the real brush in the chase to get her to sit still.
So I believe I have found what Miss Anna is getting for Christmas....
How cute is this? It even has a nifty ribbon handle to hang up on a hook or doorknob. Its $14 so its a little pricey for a hairbrush but what other hairbrush is this cute?? So worth it. I have bought from Liza Byrd before (shes a local designer who used to come to my school craft shows) and everything she sells is amazingly cute and really great quality. That's all for now! Ciao for now!

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