A Little Practicality in a Time of Joy and Sorrow

As my sister mentioned over on her blog, www.diaryofafanaticfoodie.com, our Uncle Jim passed away after a fierce battle with cancer last week and we have been down with our family in NC for the past week. It has been good to spend time with my cousins and my family and try to deal with this together. Today was the funeral and after the mass (we are Catholic) we had family and family friends over for a party (that word has always seemed not right when speaking of a funeral) but it something struck me as I was throwing away more plastic wine glasses and loading glass wine glasses into the dishwasher, people were definitely using more the one glass.
Of course this could be that people changed drinks midway through the evening and didn't want to put red wine into a glass that held white wine but, I also think people putting their glass on a table and forgetting which was theirs and then just getting a new one was to blame. Now I am very into the idea of reducing our carbon food print on this world and also I hate loading and unloading the dishwasher :)
So tonight after we spent many hours recounting all of our favorite Uncle Jim stories (and their are a lot) and talking about how great of a person he was (he fathered 4 AMAZING sons and had the type of marriage I hope to one day have) I got on my laptop and tried to solve the problem of too many glasses. I am still working on the plastic cup problem but I have found a way to solve the wine glass problem.How cute are these? They sell them in every theme imaginable, horses, doctor, dancer, lawyer, banker, everything. The Irish are just really appropriate given that this side is the Irish side and we have a lot of Irish pride. While these are super cute and relatively cheap at $14.95 I definitely think that if you have a touch of crafty-ness you could make them yourself with a charm, some beads, a pair of pliers, and a little wire. That might just be my new craft project... Well I must get back to watching my cousin play Call of Duty 4.... oh boys... Click the title for the link. Well Ciao for now!

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