Pink for a Reason

So just in case you didn't know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which means getting to buy fun, cute, and pink things for a good cause! How fun is that? So I was stumbling around google looking for a pencil case because I feel like an idiot having to pull everything out of my bag in class to get to the pens that seem to live at the very bottom. I never buy something called a 'pencil case' I only buy 'cosmetic bags' for multiple reasons. They last longer, are more fashionable, and you have way more choice in pattern. I found an adorable bag that also donates money to providing mammograms to women who cannot afford them.

It is little and pink plus it has a handle and a super cute poodle on it. Tres chic! As a girl on a budget I love cute for cheap so at $15, totally worth it. Plus when school is out it becomes a makeup or jewelry bag. A multitasker! Click here to go check it out. Ciao for now!

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Heather said...

cute blog, kate :) and i don't object with any of it, except for the "lives in lily" ;) did i tell you about the hats i got for anna and bonnie? i wanted to get them for you, me and wendy but OF COURSE they didn't make adult sizes. discrimination at its finest. will you please turn off comment moderation? i f-ing hate it.