The Holiday is Starting Already!

So yesterday was out store's 'get ready for the holidays' meeting. It was an absolutely blast and I am now sufficiently excited to start holiday shopping and getting ready to decorate.

Last night on of our managers was suffering from a 24 hour bug and I think she passed it to me and Hanson Fan because I didn't wake up til 2pm and I felt miserable the moment I opened my eyes and when I checked Facebook Hanson Fan said she was a sick puppy too. So since I'm stuck curled up in my bed I have been trolling around the internet quite a bit; checking up on some blogs, doing some early holiday shopping, stalking people on Facebook.

My mom used to always send Christmas card when we were little, (she always went with ones with the Virgin Mary on them, which I never liked) however, her mother passed away around Christmas a couple years ago and ever since she hasn't been able to send cards. This year I am hoping she will be able to since so many things have changed in her life since her mother passed (divorce, new house, engagement, her children are grown up) and I'm thinking we should break from the Virgin Mary cards and do something a little more fun. So today I found these uber adorable and uber prep holiday cards. They may not be red and green but I think it will be a refreshing change from the slew of red and green cards that are delivered to everyones house. I know whales aren't the standard choice for holiday cards but they are very cute and express a very traditional holiday greeting. For $22 you will get 10 cards and 11 envelopes (a good thing for someone like me who inevitably screws up someone's address or addresses two envelopes to the same person) plus the cards are made from 100% recycled paper so no new trees had to be harmed in the making of your cards :) Besides the basic holiday/Christmas card use how fun would these be for a holiday party invite?

Well, I'm off to scrounge up some soup and crawl back into bed, I need to be better by tomorrow so I can take my makeup Philosophy midterm. Wish me luck! Ciao for now!

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thepreppyprincess said...

We are sorry to read you are under the weather Miss Kate, and hope you are feeling much better soon. Trolling on the net has restorative powers from what we have heard! (Heh-heh-heh.)

We must say, you are more than kind to showcase our wacky little non-denominational cards. Thank you!

Take good care of yourself!