"It's for work" or my Mantra for the Day

So today was a little interesting.... Picture this for a moment... a suburban mall on a busy Saturday the week before Halloween. A girl rushing to Starbucks. In a 1950s sailor girl costume.
Now what would you if presented with this situation?
a. Smile and have a giggle
b. Make a logical assumption that given the fact the girl is wearing a name tag that it is for work
c. Look at her weirdly and respond 'suuurree' when she responds to your look with 'this is for work'
d. Compliment her ass

Now I am fine with choice a. I admit it was probably an amusing sight. I am in love with choice b given that it utilizes both logic and common sense, two things I am a HUGE fan of. Option c slightly annoys me given the disbelief and un-approval-ness (its a word if you can say it) in his tone. As though my choice in costume had somehow offended him. Well, with regards to choice d quite a few young men barely lived today. As with any girl I liked being told im pretty, beautiful, or even cute. I do not like having someone yell 'nice ass' or catcall me accross a mall. Seriously, who raised these boys?

In any event tomorrow is the last day of Hooky Spooky and while my friend L and I were 'precounting' (read: sneaking a peek at) the votes for 'Best Costume' I have determined that it is between me and A for the $25 Starbucks gift card. A was THE CUTEST little bunny I have ever seen. She painted a black nose and whiskers and little bunny ears, a little furry bow tie and a little bunny tail. For actual clothing she had jeans at a tee shirt. But she bunny hopped all over the store today and made little bunny faces and wiggled her tail.

Luckily though she doesn't work on Sundays so I have gotten rid of my biggest competition.
Everyone else had a super amazing costume too.

Manager Fun: was a super incredible wizard. He was boiling hot all day under his robe while all the girlies were freezing.
Manager Sarcasm: was a moon witch. She has the best cackle ever. (though completely sweet normally)
Short Muffin: Jessie from Team Rocket (some sort of Pokemon thing) she looked really cute and had awesome boots. Plus she made her own costume.
Hanson Fan (yes they still exist): a tap dancer. She had a sparkly top hat!! AND tap shoes which she danced in, really well.
Smiles: She was the 'A' from above. Bunny!
Manager Fix it: A goddess. It was beyond fab. The dress was all white and gauzy which stood out really well against her dark skin. Plus some totally fierce 4 in stilettos (she worked an 8 hour shift)
Quiet girl: a fairy. Brown satin-y dress with sparkly wings. plus 4 inch heels because 'Manager fix it was way taller then me yesterday so I had to wear heels'

Sorry for the long post I was just soo excited about today! Ciao for now!
New link tomorrow I swear!


Heather said...

sounds like you had fun! i really like the new blog layout. it's very cute :)

Anonymous said...

This one is too fun. Personally we probably would have opted for 'A' on the multiple choice. It sounds like you look just darling!