Hooky Spooky or Why I Love my Job

So I work at what I guess I would classify as a toy store. 'Toy store' makes me think of something just for kids and a decent amount of our customers are adults. Its a very fun store for sure and I adore working there. Seriously, I almost left it for Jcrew a little while ago but then I realized how much I would miss the silly stuff that only comes with working in a 'toy' store.
Our store/company has many many fun things we do together as a whole store and one of my favorites is Hooky Spooky. Either the weekend of Halloween (if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday) or the weekend before Halloween (this year) everyone ditches their uniform (not prep) and puts on their Halloween costume!! I <3 Halloween.
Of course, working in a kids store means their are some rules on what you can wear. Most of them I wouldn't break even in the real world. The three rules are no sexy costumes, no super scary costumes, and no odd costumes (I think this rule was directed solely at me and my best work friend.) So this year I have two costumes one for work and one for my friends birthday/Halloween/Hot tub party next weekend.
My work costume is adorable, I am trying to win the costume contest, I'm being a 1950s Navy girl. Its a navy blue pleated skirt with little gold chains around the waist and a white top with the sailor collar and a big red bow on the front. Plus a Sailor hat and little cuffs with anchors!
My party costume is something I am rather proud of because its pretty clever, at least in my opinion. At the party we are watching scary movies projector style outside so I need to be able to stay warm since it has gotten freezing in Baltimore at night. So my costume is me in regular casual clothes (jeans, argyle sweater, and uggs) with a sign that says 'nudist on strike' I'm immensely proud of myself I have to admit.... I'll post pictures later... Sorry for no link, but you got one earlier today.... Ciao for now!

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It sounds like a fun place to work! We hope you have a good time. Don't forget to post the pics!