Think of the Planet, but Stay Cute

Everyone today is very into being 'green' and I absolutely love this. Taking care of our Mother Earth is awesome and a worthy cause. I feel like it everywhere I go reusable shopping bags are being sold. Though, a lot of reusable bags are rather... ugly... which is so not prep. If you look hard enough you can find cute bags enter in this cutie,Its great for grocery shopping, farmers markets, a trip to the mall, or even as a school bag. It is a little pricey at $24 per bag but, if you make a commitment to use the bag for all your little errands it because totally worth it considering how many trees you will save and how much less plastic you will waste. Click the post title to go check it out! Happy shopping and Ciao for now!

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Heather said...

hmmm. that is cute, but whole foods sells equally cute ones for just $1 with your grocery purchase... and they have adorable retro fruit and veggie prints! i do like the dots on the side, though. maybe if it goes on sale.