Hooky Spooky with a 5 Year Old

This morning I was in my Aunt Kathy's kitchen making a snack and in walked my sister with a bag full of Halloween toys. Barrels of goo, pumpkin parachute men, gummy frogs, and best of all candy chemistry set. Everything was in blacks, oranges, purples, and lime greens so very festive. I hadn't spent much time with a 5yr old boy in a long time so I forgot how much disgusting=awesome. We had a fun day of dropping the goo in potted plants and then having to wash it out. Mixing 'chemistry' (pure sugar.) So I am on a bit of a Halloween kick tonight. I had found these buckets a little while ago but was waiting until closer to Halloween to bring them out. They are super cute and they can monogrammed!!! Soooo cute!

They come in different prints and monogram styles. They are $28. Perfect for a teachers desk, a candy passing out bucket or of course for a little trick or treater and after the 31st pop them up in the attic and pull 'em down for next year. Click on title for the link. Its dinner time so I've got to run. Ciao for now!

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