My First Post!

So my sister started her blog (a cooking/baking one) this past March and I love reading it. (www.diaryofafanaticfoodie.com) Just like most little sisters I feel a fierce need to compete with Heather (SAT scores are not to be mentioned in my house) and I prefer to win so of course I needed to start my own blog. While I really love to cook and bake and I am fairly good at it I will never be as good a cook as my sister, probably because I would prefer to spend my free time at the mall, perusing the web for some fun accessories or customized coffee mugs. So, I knew I couldn't have a foodie blog so the next type was fashion! I am an avid blog reader and love stumbling upon a nice preppy blog with tons of fashion blogs but one thing I have noticed is that there aren't many for my age group. There are tons of blogs written by preppy mommies (my future goal) and even some by prep blogs by late 20s girls but none (that I have found) by 18-22 yr old college girls. So walla the College Preppy was born! Its mainly about my prepalicious fashion finds, fun events but occasionally it will just be a thought I had that I needed to share ;) Well I should probably figure out if I have a test in Art today so Ciao for now.

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